Regulations for Filming at Quinta da Regaleira

General Rules for filming and photography

In general, filming and photography by visitors to Quinta da Regaleira is authorized for private use under the following conditions:

  • Only the general environment may be photographed/filmed;
  • The right of privacy of other visitors and members of staff is to be respected;
  • The use of flash or other artificial lighting is prohibited inside the Palace and Chapel;
  • The use of flash or other artificial lighting is prohibited in outdoor areas of Quinta da Regaleira with the exception of that which is integral to the equipment in use ;
  • Use of a tripod is prohibited without prior authorization from Fundação Cultursintra FP;
  • The use of drones is prohibited without prior authorization from Fundação Cultursintra FP;
  • Safety rules must be adhered to;
  • Photography and filming must respect signage or instructions from staff;
  • The capture and use of images collected under the General Rules for purposes other than those allowed for private use, including for commercial and / or public purposes or in the context of private or public celebrations, such as weddings or similar events is prohibited;
  • All collections of images that do not fall within the scope of this General Rules are subject to the Special Rules for image capture and the rules and conditions thereof.

Special rules for filming and photography

A. Any request for authorization for filming or photography must be sent to the email address at least 5 working days in advance for photography and 10 full working days for video. The email must state:

  • End use/purpose of the images;
  • Location, date and time photography or filming is to take place;
  • Estimated duration of work;
  • Number of team members;
  • Type of material to be used;
  • Any special needs;

Photography or filming for commercial or promotional purposes will be subject to specific tariffs depending on type, location, time and duration.

Fundação Cultursintra FP reserves the right to refuse authorization for image capture in Quinta da Regaleira.

B. In case of authorization for the capture and use of images intended for commercial and/or public use under special conditions, they must abide by the terms and conditions specifically agreed upon and must always comply with the following requirements:

  • The use of images is exclusively restricted to the specific scope of the respective authorization;
  • The instructions/directions of Fundação Cultursintra FP employees must be complied with;
  • No material or litter/refuse may be left at respective locations;
  • Te use of equipments that may cause damage to any buildings and plant is not allowed;
  • Filming or photography may not interfere with the normal operation and visitor flow of Quinta da Regaleira;
  • Fundação Cultursintra FP is not liable for any damage to or theft of photographic/filming equipment;

C. In the case of photography:

  • The granting of authorization is subject to the acknowledgement of Quinta da Regaleira in the caption and must include a reference to Fundação Cultursintra FP, except when otherwise agreed previously;
  • A copy of photographs taken under the special regime must be delivered in digital format to Fundação Cultursintra FP as well as the rights of use for use in any promotional material for Quinta da Regaleira with a commitment from Quinta da Regaleira to mention the credits and not to assign them to third parties.

D. In the case of film:

  • Fundação Cultursintra FP and Quinta da Regaleira should be mentioned in the credits;
  • Two copies of the product must be sent on DVD media.

Fundação Cultursintra FP reserves the right to take any legal action deemed necessary and appropriate in the event that filming or photography does not comply with the above rules and regulations.

Tariff for for filming and photography at Quinta da Regaleira valid from 1 January 2022:

1 day (up to 10 hours duration) 10.500 €
Half day (up to 5 hours duration) 6.000 €
Up to 2 hours duration 3.000 €
For every extra hour 1.500 €