Francisco Costa was a Librarian-Archivist and a writer born in Sintra (1900-1988) that founded two important cultural facilities in our municipality - the Sintra Municipal Library and the Sintra Historical Archive.
Francisco Costa was one of the greatest figures among Sintra scholars of the 20th century, having actively contributed to the survey of the bibliography related to Sintra and assumed the authorship of a Sintra Tourist Guide.
For 60 years, he lived in the house that today bears his name, which was drawn by the architect Raúl Lino. It was in this place that Francisco Costa wrote a vast poetic and literary work and corresponded with other cultural figures. It contained a vast collection of more than 3000 documents that are currently in the possession of the Sintra City Council.

As the building's restoration work is underway, Casa Francisco Costa is currently closed to the public.

Image: Casa Francisco Costa - Watercolor sketch by Raul Lino