Quinta da Regaleira


Preserving our Heritage

THRONE This piece was made in 1908-1912, in oak wood, by Júlio da Fonseca (1881-1952).

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In January 2023 new entrance fees and visiting rules came into effect at Quinta da Regaleira which can be consulted on this s…

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Quinta de Ribafria

Quinta de Ribafria is a 16th century property located in Várzea de Sintra. It comprises a magnificent Renaissance-style manor…

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Visiting the Regaleira Palace

Only the main floor of Regaleira Palace is accessible to visitors, as it is integrated in the Quinta's visiting circuit. The …

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Commemorative Medal AACM

Continuing the personal commitment that António Augusto de Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920), a distinguished admirer of Camões, …

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Clean & Safe

You're safe with us. Take a deep breath and enjoy. We want to make sure your stay is safe and unforgettable.

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Audio Guides

Quinta da Regaleira has audio guides that can be rented at the ticket office.

You can find 30 listening points spread across…

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Music at Regaleira 2023 | OCT

DATE: 01/10/202329/10/2023 SCHEDULE: Sundays and on special dates at 4:00 pm

Music has returned to Quinta da Regaleira.
We are looking forward to seeing you!


1 OCT | Sunday 4:00 pm, at Fonte d…

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