Total section of Rua Barbosa Du Bocage in Sintra

The Municipality of Sintra informs that during the course of the intervention on Rua Barbosa Du Bocage, next to Quinta dos Arcos, in the União de Freguesias de Sintra, the road will be cut completely, starting on the 16th of January.
During the works carried out by the municipality, circulation will be interrupted at Quinta das Sequoias, in the Sintra-Colares direction and next to Azinhaga dos Amores, in the opposite direction, Monserrate-Sintra.
Residents' access to housing and access for emergency vehicles to Rua Barbosa Du Bocage will have two-way circulation through the reinforcement/alteration of vertical signage using construction site traffic light equipment to ensure road safety.
In this section, vehicles leaving the houses (Vila Roma, Quinta da Regaleira and Quinta da Alegria) must go to Seteais. Traffic is diverted to Rua Visconde de Monserrate/ Volta do Duche and to Estrada da Pena/ Estrada dos Capuchos.
It should be noted that it is not possible to use public passenger transport routes.
This road cut results from the intervention of the supporting wall of Rua Barbosa Du Bocage, next to Quinta dos Arcos and has an expected execution period of 30 days.

Sintra City Council appreciates everyone's understanding and collaboration.

For more information, please, visit cm-sintra.pt