(last updated on 8th August 2020)

• Use of facemasks is mandatory inside and optional outside;
• Always keep 2 meters from other visitors;
• Hands must be hygienized before entering buildings - disinfection gel is available;
• Recommended not to touch any surface or object;

• Ticketoffice and store limited to 2 visitors at a time;
• Payments should preferably be made by debit or credit cards;
• Guided tours carried out by the Foundation's Services or external entities limited to a maximum of 10 visitors;

• Circulation inside the Regaleira Palace is limited to 12 visitors at a time and one way only;
• Circulation inside the Initiatic Well only in the descending direction;
• Circulation in the underground walkways is allowed between the Initiatic Well and the Eastern Grotto, one way only;
• The Waterfall Path and Regaleira Tower are closed.

Visitors who don’t comply with security norms will be asked to leave.


Photo: Quinta da Regaleira - Initiatic Well, by Fernando Machado